Gran Prix IS BACK!!!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

GranPrix September 2023


Happy New Year, Lone Star runners! As we approach our upcoming races for the new year, we wanted to make you aware of an exciting competition that all current Lone Star Runner Club members can participate in- Gran Prix! If you have been around as long as many of us have, you may remember Gran Prix- the concept is the same! For every club race you participate in or volunteer for in 2023, you will earn points! Your points accumulate for all the club races for the year, and the Top Female, Top Male, Top Masters Female, and Top Masters Male with the most points for the year will be rewarded prizes! Masters is 50 and above. The point scale has changed since the past- here is how you can earn points at each race:


Race Director: 20 points

Overall Male, Female, Masters Male, and Masters Female: 15 points

Volunteer: 10 points

Age Group Winners: 10 points

2nd Place in Age Group: 9 points

3rd Place in Age Group: 8 points

4th Place in Age Group: 7 points

5th Place in Age Group: 6 points

6th Place in Age Group: 5 points

Participation in or Registration in Race: 3 points


There is no need to sign up for Gran Prix- if you are a current member your points will automatically be rewarded! If you have any friends who are not current Lone Star Runner Club members and you know they love a good competition, encourage them to sign up or renew their membership before the first race, which is St. Patty’s 7K! If you have any questions about Gran Prix, feel free to email Katie Rodriguez at