Club News


  • NEW board members needed

    Due to new jobs and life changes, a couple of our Board members are having to step down from their positions. This means we are needing some new help!  If you are interested in getting more involved in the LSRC, this is a great way to do so. You get a chance to meet other like-minded runners, help plan events and races, and help to grow the Amarillo running community and club.

    We are needing to fill the Secretary and membership board positions.  If you are interested, reach out to any one of the other board members and we can get you the information. We meet once a month, the 2nd Tuesday, at Cada Vez, and the meetings are open to all members!

    We can’t wait to see you at the next meeting!!

  • August Runner of the Month

    Lone Star Runners Club will start featuring a “Runner of the Month” that is a current Lone Star Runners Club member every month in 2023. For the month of August, our spotlight runner is 70 year old longtime member Joe Alonzo, executive director of Llano Cemetery. Joe has been running for over 50 years, beginning in grade school. In junior high and high school track, Joe ran the 880 yards (which was later renamed the 800 meters) and the mile relay. He currently runs about 9-12 miles a week. In addition to running, Joe enjoys riding his bike. Joe loves being able to share his running with his daughters, Janice and Juliet, who also run. He has run several races with them and some with his grandsons, Julian, Gavin, and Jonas.


    Favorite Lone Star Runners Club race: St. Patty’s 7K

    Favorite race distance: Half-marathon

    Favorite race-cation: Hawaii, with his daughters and grandsons. They have also ran the Buffalo Thunder Half and the OKC Run to Remember marathon, half, and 5K as a family.

    Favorite shoe: Saucony Endorphin, which are lightweight and have great support.

    Favorite running gear: Headphones, so he can enjoy 50s-70s rock.

    Favorite fuel before a race: Carbs, particularly pasta.

    Favorite workout to prepare for a race: Hills help you get the PR!

    Favorite running quote: “It’s your race so run your race.”

    A quote from Joe: “I started running because I like to run. I continue to run because it’s a great stress reliever and I just feel really great after a good run. Also, there is a great running community here in Amarillo that keeps me going.”

    Joe is one of my favorite people to run with. He is kind, encourages everyone, and participates in most community races and all running groups here in Amarillo. I hope to be running as long as you, Joe. Thanks for helping me always feel included.

    For participating in our Runner of the Month Club, July Runner of the Month Joe Alonzo will receive a pair of our LSRC socks. If you have a recommendation of a Lone Star Runners Club that should be featured in our monthly spotlight, please email Katie Rodriguez at


  • Gran Prix IS BACK!!!

    Happy New Year, Lone Star runners! As we approach our upcoming races for the new year, we wanted to make you aware of an exciting competition that all current Lone Star Runner Club members can participate in- Gran Prix! If you have been around as long as many of us have, you may remember Gran Prix- the concept is the same! For every club race you participate in or volunteer for in 2023, you will earn points! Your points accumulate for all the club races for the year, and the Top Female, Top Male, Top Masters Female, and Top Masters Male with the most points for the year will be rewarded prizes! Masters is 50 and above. The point scale has changed since the past- here is how you can earn points at each race:


    Race Director: 20 points

    Overall Male, Female, Masters Male, and Masters Female: 15 points

    Volunteer: 10 points

    Age Group Winners: 10 points

    2nd Place in Age Group: 9 points

    3rd Place in Age Group: 8 points

    4th Place in Age Group: 7 points

    5th Place in Age Group: 6 points

    6th Place in Age Group: 5 points

    Participation in or Registration in Race: 3 points


    There is no need to sign up for Gran Prix- if you are a current member your points will automatically be rewarded! If you have any friends who are not current Lone Star Runner Club members and you know they love a good competition, encourage them to sign up or renew their membership before the first race, which is St. Patty’s 7K! If you have any questions about Gran Prix, feel free to email Katie Rodriguez at

  • President’s Letter

    Come Run With Us


    Lone Star Runners Club (“LSRC”) provides opportunities for you to join with others of all levels in our running community.  We run races, volunteer, provide input on community races, and have some fun.  Individually, we still do our own thing, but our personal growth is better in a diverse community.  LSRC was founded decades ago by local runners who wanted to get together to run, support each other, and talk about running.  The organization has grown to include a few hundred local runners and families, but it is small and welcoming enough that you can make your mark if you want.  Or, you can just show up and run as many do.


    First, there are the races you can participate in.  Just go the LSRC’s website (, and you can find local races organized by LSRC and others sponsored by local groups raising money and awareness of many good causes.  Throughout the year there are opportunities to run 5k and 10k races, half marathons, trail runs, and most any race that appeals to you.  With a low annual membership fee of $20 for individuals and $40 for families, LSRC offers discounted admission fees to its own club races including St. Patty’s 7k, Twilight 5k, Turkey Trot, and the Jingle Bell Run.  So, come run with us!  I remember when I was a beginner and had to run/walk/run to get through a 5k.  LSRC race participants and sponsors cheered me on and made me feel like a part of the running club.  That hasn’t changed a bit, so get out to one of LSRC’s races and feel that yourself. 


    Do you like to volunteer?  There are countless opportunities to contribute to local races, whether you navigate running traffic, pass out drinks while encouraging runners, collect bibs at the end of the race, or simply attend monthly board meetings when you can and provide your input and perspective on relevant topics.  Contact an officer of LSRC and ask them to put you in touch with someone who can get you involved!  You can do as much or as little as you like, so let us put you to work to benefit others!


    If you just like to do your own thing, come run with us and do just that!  After the St. Patty’s Race on March 18th, the runners will gather at Pondasetta Brewing to enjoy food and drinks and talk about everything and nothing.  Come on over and meet a few runners that you will undoubtedly see at other events throughout the year.  Sign up for our Twilight run at the end of the summer, and you will see a fun group of runners who enjoy night running with treats afterward.  The Turkey Trot allows you and 800 of your best friends to run at your own pace around Thompson Park.  Watch out for assorted turkeys and pilgrims passing on your right.  For any of our races, bring a friend or two to sign up for a race, and run together.  You are bound to meet other runners of every sort, ranging from the occasional fitness freak or track star to all the rest of us who enjoy running our way and slamming some coffee or cold drinks with friends in the parking lot. 


    Running is a community sport, and it’s also as individual as it gets.  You are surrounded by others who welcome you and wish for you to accomplish your goals, whatever those are.  There is little judgement, and there is great acceptance because what ties us all together is some love of running.  So, Come Run With Us!    


    Brad Howard

    LSRC President 2023