Gran Prix is BACK!!!


  • Runner of the Month

    Lone Star Runners Club will start featuring a “Runner of the Month” that is a current Lone Star Runners Club member every month in 2023. For the month of November, our spotlight runner is 29 year old Dani Castro, Sales and Support Tech at Westgate Computers.  She started running as a stress reliever 9 years ago while attending ENMU, but has found that running provides so many benefits. Dani currently runs about 5-8 miles a week, and has been a Lone Star Runners Club member for about 5 years. She is excited to see Amarillo gaining interest in running, and the running clubs here growing in numbers!


    Favorite Lone Star Runners Club race: Turkey Trot

    Favorite race distance: 5K

    Favorite race locations: Her first race was the Independence Day run in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. She has also ran an Independence Day race in Flagstaff, Arizona. Both cities are beautiful and worth visiting! She has her sights on running the OKC Memorial Half Marathon in April 2024.

    Favorite shoe: On Cloudrunner, for the brand’s durability.

    Favorite running gear: Her headphones! She does not run without them.

    Favorite songs from her playlist: Her go-to’s currently are Marathon by Connor Price and Animal by the Seige, but loves throwback tracks from Paramore, Missy Elliott, and Selena.

    Favorite podcasts: For running, The Runner’s World Show. For enjoyment- National Park After Dark and Out Alive.

    Favorite running book: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall is a must read!

    Favorite running movie: McFarland, USA.

    Favorite pre-run fuel: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or empanadas. She makes empanadas semi-frequently, and one morning when she did not have time to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before a race, her caramel apple empanadas were the perfect morning fuel.

    Favorite workouts: “For the majority of my runs I just try to enjoy my time in the act of running.” Dani typically plans her runs for a time or distance goal. She also enjoys yoga, stretching, and lifts weights at home 3 times a week.

    Favorite race mantra: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”- Fred Devito

    Favorite running quote: “Enjoy training, fall in love with it, and become it. By doing so, you will look forward to running, not finishing, and that makes all the difference in the world.” – Michael D’Aulerio

    A quote from Dani: “I guess if there is anything I could say to encourage anyone who is even slightly interested in running is just to start with no expectations. If it’s not enjoyable try a slower pace or add music. Exercise is the most under prescribed medicine out there and a short run is better than no run.”


    Dani and I have just recently joined the timing crew for Lone Star Runners Club, and she is doing a great job! We are grateful she joined the team. For participating in our Runner of the Month Club, November Runner of the Month Dani Castro will receive a pair of our LSRC socks. If you have a recommendation of a Lone Star Runners Club that should be featured in our monthly spotlight, please email Katie Rodriguez at

  • Gran Prix IS BACK!!!

    GranPrix September 2023


    Happy New Year, Lone Star runners! As we approach our upcoming races for the new year, we wanted to make you aware of an exciting competition that all current Lone Star Runner Club members can participate in- Gran Prix! If you have been around as long as many of us have, you may remember Gran Prix- the concept is the same! For every club race you participate in or volunteer for in 2023, you will earn points! Your points accumulate for all the club races for the year, and the Top Female, Top Male, Top Masters Female, and Top Masters Male with the most points for the year will be rewarded prizes! Masters is 50 and above. The point scale has changed since the past- here is how you can earn points at each race:


    Race Director: 20 points

    Overall Male, Female, Masters Male, and Masters Female: 15 points

    Volunteer: 10 points

    Age Group Winners: 10 points

    2nd Place in Age Group: 9 points

    3rd Place in Age Group: 8 points

    4th Place in Age Group: 7 points

    5th Place in Age Group: 6 points

    6th Place in Age Group: 5 points

    Participation in or Registration in Race: 3 points


    There is no need to sign up for Gran Prix- if you are a current member your points will automatically be rewarded! If you have any friends who are not current Lone Star Runner Club members and you know they love a good competition, encourage them to sign up or renew their membership before the first race, which is St. Patty’s 7K! If you have any questions about Gran Prix, feel free to email Katie Rodriguez at




  • President’s Letter

    Dear Lone Star Runners Club runners,


    Happy New Year! As we enter the new year, many of you might be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. I know that making resolutions is not embraced by all, but isn’t a resolution just a goal? Runners often set goals- particularly when signing up for a race. What better time to make a change or set a goal, however small, than the New Year?

    Perhaps, as a member of the club, you are looking to make a new running goal for the new year. Maybe it is conquering a new distance, or running a certain number of miles, taking a race-cation, running more miles than last year, or just looking for a group of runner friends that share our interest for running and help to hold you accountable. We have so many wonderful runner groups that host events and runs throughout the area. I encourage you to check out the local groups on social media- Lone Star Runners Club, Run 806, Amarillo Pub Runners, and Shelldon’s Superstars. Some of these groups meet regularly, particularly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while others host shoe demos, runner safety events, and races. If you are looking for people to run with and you aren’t able to make these runs, I will help to find a runner group for you to connect with.

    A great way to help hold yourself accountable is participating in a race or a run streak! Get Fit will host their annual Cold as Ice 5K, 10K, and 1 Mile on Saturday, January 27th. More information can be found at They are also hosting a runner streak, where you run or walk 1 mile outside every day for the month of February. You can sign up at

    Another great way for you to meet new runner friends is to attend or volunteer at running events. If you are a member, we would love for you to join us for our meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. Lone Star Runners Club would love to hold more races- you could direct your first race this year! We are currently looking for a President-Elect for the club. Race directors also could always use more volunteers for races.

    Whatever your runner resolutions might be for this year, please reach out. I would love to help you out if I can.


    See you on the roads or trails,

    Katie Rodriguez